Orkhon waterfall tour


Rugged Mongolia is a mind blowing adventure destination where ancient  raditions are still practiced daily by the hardy wanderers of the country’s vast steppes and deserts. This Motor brothers tour is designed to give you a most extraordinary and fantastic experience, immersed in the nomadic existence as a free, wild spirit.




Day 1

Arrival, meeting team and short briefing

Day 2

280km – Off-road
Our first destination on 2 wheels is the sand dunes. Elsen tasarkhai is an 80km length of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretch from the Tuv, Uvurkhangai, and Bulgan provinces all the way west to become part of the Khugnu Khan mountain range. Overnight in the tent / Yurt camp.

Day 3

173km – Off-road
Saddle your steed for the steepest Mongolian waterfall, the Orkhon, in Orkhon Valley, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Dinner and overnight stay right at the waterfall in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 4

150km – Off-road
From the waterfall, we will ride mountain and forest tracks to the western part of Mongolia, the “Blue” hot spring. Here we will take some time to relax in the natural hot water. Overnight stay at the river in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 5

180km – Mixed
On the way to Ugii Lake we’ll stop off in the old Mongolian capital city of Karakorum.

Day 6

160km – Mixed
On this day we going to visit one of the best National Parks in Mongolia – Khustai, where you can watch real wild Horses.

Day 7

120km – On road
Ride back to the City and having some nice dinner with the team.

Day 8