Gobi Safari tour


On this tour we visiting world famous Gobi Desert, with extreme tracks and challenging terrain, new experiences with nomadic lifestyle and people. This ride designed for more professional riders, because at some days we going to ride over 250km per day.




Day 1

Arrival, meeting team and dinner

Day 2

560km – Off-road
On this day our riders will be transferred to Dalanzadgad city in south Gobi region. Short briefing and setup bikes for riders, test ride. Overnight stay at the river in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 3

250km – Off-road
Jump on the bikes. Our destinations is Khongor dunes, on the way short hiking activities in Yoliin Am valley. Overnight in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 4

150km – Off-road
Today we staying at sand dunes and have chance to improve our riding skills on the sand dunes, opportunities to ride camels and visiting Nomad family. Overnight  in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 5

200km – Off-road
Riding to Flaming Cliffs, where was dinosaur eggs found. Enjoying sunset from the cliffs. Overnight in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 6

180km – Off-road
Our destinations is Ongii Monastery, one of the old monastery in Mongolia, destroyed in Soviet time. Founded in 1660, it was one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia and housed over 1000 monks at its height.

Day 7

300km – Off- road
Ride to Baga Gazriin Chuluu – located in Delgertsogt sum, Dundgovi province and surrounded by plain.

Day 8

250km –Off-road
Going back to the Ulaanbaatar city. Staying in Terelj National Park. Opportunities to ride a horse and rock climbing activities.

Day 9