Eagle Hunter tour


From the capital city across the lush, green Steppes, among the turquoise coloured lakes and through the hills and mountains, we will traverse the most spectacular region of Mongolia from the Centre to the North West. Between our invigorating rides, we’ll experience the authentic culture of the Eagle hunters and overnight with nomadic families in their Yurts in the middle of
nowhere. Rugged Mongolia is a mind blowing adventure destination where ancient traditions are still practised daily by the hardy wanderers of the country’s vast steppes and deserts. This Mongolia motorcycle tour is designed to give you a most extraordinary and fantastic experience, immersed in the nomadic existence as a free, wild spirit.




Day 1

Welcome to Mongolia! All riders will be picked up from the airport and transferred to a hotel in the city centre, where we will meet the crew and receive a briefing on safety and rules. Dinner with the crew and overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 2

Ulaanbaatar to Elsen tasarkhai (220km, 6-7hrs, 100% off-road)
Checkpoints: Ulaanbaatar – 164km – Erdensant village – 56km – Elsen tasarkhai dunes

All riders will be transferred with the bus out of the city for the start of the adventure. Our first destination on 2 wheels is the sand dunes. Elsen tasarkhai is an 80km length of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretch from the Tuv, Uvurkhangai, and Bulgan provinces all the way west to become part of the Khugnu Khan mountain range. Overnight in the tent/Yurt camp.

Day 3

Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes to Orkhon Waterfall (173km, 7-8hrs, 100% off-road)
Checkpoints: Elsen tasarkhai dunes – 68km – Karakorum city – 75km – Bat-ulzii village – 30km – Waterfall

Saddle your steed for the steepest Mongolian waterfall, the Orkhon, in Orkhon Valley, a Unesco World Heritage Site. On the way we’ll stop off in the old Mongolian capital city of Karakorum. Dinner and overnight stay right at the waterfall in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 4

Orkhon Waterfall to Tsenkher Hot Spring Spa (169km, 6-7hrs, 100% off-road)
Checkpoints: Waterfall – 169km – Tsenkher From the waterfall, we will ride mountain and forest tracks to the western part of Mongolia and ultimately to our stop, the “Blue” hot spring. Here we will take some time to relax in the natural hot water. We will have opportunities to see how Nomads live in villages and enjoy some Mongolian hospitality and local cuisine. Overnight in a Ger / Yurt Camp.

Day 5

Checkpoints: Tsenkher village – 105km – Chuluut valey – 150km – White lake
This is the longest ride of the tour, which will take us to one of the purest water lakes in Mongolia, White Lake in the Khangai Mountains. The dormant Khorgo volcano lies just east of the lake. Overnight in Ger.

Day 6

White Lake to Telmen Lake (328km, 8hrs, 100% off-road)
Checkpoints: White Lake – 35km – Tariat village – 35km – Avgaldai village – 170km – Telmen village – 88km
From White Lake we are going to the Black Lake in the Zavkhan province in the western part of Mongolia. This lake is surrounded by sand and rocky mountains. We will ride along high mountains and cliffs with stunning landscapes of Zavkhan province. Overnight in the Ger.

Day 7

Telmen Lake to Khyargas Lake (243km, 8hrs, 100% off-road)
The Khyargas lake is one of four lakes which cover more than 1000km² in Mongolia. Years of rainwater drainage have carved many creeks and chutes leading out of this lake. On the southern side, the white marble rocks offer spectacular scenery. Fishing is popular at Khyargas Lake and we’ll have an opportunity to partake as well. Overnight in Ger.

Day 8

Khyargas Lake to Ulaangoom city (240km, 5-6hrs, 100% off-road)
Checkpoints: Khyargas Lake – 139km – Naranbulag village – 75km – Ulaangoom city Perpetually snowcapped peaks overhang the boggy banks. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 9

Ulaangoom to Ulgii’s Eagle Hunters (230km, 5hrs, 100% off-road)
Finally we reach Ulgii city where 80% of the Kazakh people live. The afternoon is spent in cultural immersion with a tour through Kazakh traditions and some time spent with a Kazakh family. We will witness a display of the talents of the eagle hunters and their eagles. Dinner with Kazakh family after which we’ll spend the night in traditional Kazakh Yurts which are different from normal Mongolian Yurts.

Day 10

Back to Ulaanbaatar (3hr flight)
It is time to end our Tour and take a flight back to the city afternoon at the leisure or sightseeing around the city, evening you’ll be transferred to the international airport and fly back home. Our service ends here.